A HUMANITIES teacher from California is joining the staff at Atherton Community School.

Cady Staff from High Tech High in San Diego will be in Atherton for the next seven months assisting with project-based learning, working with teachers and students at ACS to help get students excited about going to school.

“Project-based learning focuses on teaching 21st-century skills along with content so students can communicate what they have learned, use the knowledge to create meaningful work and see the connection between school and the ‘real world’,” said Cady, who underlined how at High Tech High 100 per cent of students achieve university placements.

“It also helps make community connections so students trying to solve real-world problems can see the meaning and impact of their work.”

ACS principal Elizabeth Haddock welcomed her arrival.

“Our partnership with High Tech High and the secondment of Cady to Atherton, will assist the design of engaging projects for students,” she said.