CHILDREN from St Richard's School at Atherton welcomed Monty the Duck, the Meningitis Trust mascot to Atherton on Friday then presented him with the proceeds from an earlier non-uniform day at the nursery.

They were raising money for the Trust's Corby Fund in memory of Corby Ashurst, who was a six year old pupil at St Ambrose Barlow School, Astley. Tragically, he contracted meningitis last year and died and his family have set up the fund to support the Trust and raise awareness about meningitis.

Now Corby's family are urging other schools to take part in dress-dwon days to raise awareness and funding for the Meningitis Trust.

Corby's mum Danielle said: "Corby had an unknown form of meningitis and his symptoms spiralled out of control leaving him completely brain damaged. Within days of going into hospital we sadly had to let him go to heaven.

"The Trust has funded therapies for the family and volunteers are always available to listen to us and give help. It is through the trust that we have set up a Tribute fund for our son to raise much needed awareness to other families and money to continue researching this terrible, life-threatening illness.

"I am asking all schools to hold a sponsored event or a dress down day in Corby’s name.

"I want to keep my sons' memory alive and in turn save the lives of others."

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