EVERYDAY objects are being used to help people with dementia remember their past and unlock precious memories.

The reminiscence sessions at Hindley Library will recreate the past and allow visitors to talk about things from recent history.

Susan White, library supervisor at Hindley, said: “We have set up the sessions to bring older people together, make them feel part of the community they live in and help them keep their minds active by thinking and talking about the past.

“The first session was a great success so I would encourage anyone who thinks they may want to get involved in future to get in touch.”

The sessions are led by Diane Teskey from Wigan’s Heritage Service and she brings along recognisable items for the group to discuss like Omo washing powder and a washboard, a traditional cookery book and bars of soap.

Diane said: “It’s about the things that were just part of life when the people attending the sessions were children and young people.

“They could be the kind of things that everyone takes for granted like soap or the sound of a popular tune from the time.

“We have done some reminiscence work with the community before and have seen how effective it can be.

“It is fantastic to see some of the people at the sessions suddenly remembering, it’s almost like a light coming on and it really can help to transform their lives.”

The reminiscence sessions are part of ambitious plans to make Hindley the borough’s first Dementia Friendly Community.

By increasing public awareness about the condition and encouraging the community to be supportive, the team’s ultimate aim is to help people living with dementia to retain some of their independence and have choice and control over their own lives.