SUPERMARKET bosses are urging charities to get in touch if they would like to receive free food parcels.

Sainsbury's food donation scheme is aimed at charities and organisations who could benefit from receiving the surplus fresh food products that would otherwise go to waste.

The Leigh store would be giving away bread, cakes and damaged tinned goods as well as fruit and vegetables.

Store manager Julia Blackett said: “Donating our surplus food is a great way of supporting local charities and also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

"Very often at the end of each day there is perfectly good food left over that has reached its display-by date, but is still within the use-by date.

"We would rather give this food to charities for free than see it go to waste."

Sainsbury’s has been involved in donating safe, edible and nutritious food to local charities since 1998 and the commitment to effective waste management in preventing ‘fit for purpose’ food going to landfill is a key part of the company's community strategy in Leigh.

For more information contact Emma Buxton on 01942 758921.