A PRIMARY school has been on a mission to find out the missing names of its pupils on a 50-year-old picture.

The picture, taken on Tennyson Avenue, in either 1965 or 1966, was published in the Journal with an appeal to anyone who may know the missing names on the class photo.

Newton West Primary Park County School was holding a Christmas fair and staff members decided to see if they could find out the missing names after seeing the picture.

One member of staff, Elaine Blood, who was in the year below those pictured, filled in the gaps.

She believes the missing boy is Doug Gardner and Julie Porter is in the picture. But also that Freda Clarke is actually Freda Collier and that Maria Penkiwicz is not on the photo – it’s actually Valerie Smith.

Kathleen Wright, nee Smith, got in touch and confirmed what Elaine had said, as did Doug’s sister, Lynn Yates, who also found out that he believes David Ashton was actually David Ashdown.

Allan Johnson emailed in and said: “I’m Allan Johnson in the back row.

Brings back great memories.

“You probably already know but I think the boy in the centre is Douglas Gardner.”