YOUNG people are being urged to keep new gadgets received at Christmas out of sight to avoid becoming victims of street crime.

Police are warning that January is a peak time for robberies as people step out with valuable new gifts such as smartphones and tablet computers and young people are the most likely victims.

Officers are advising them to leave valuables at home or to keep them out of sight when they are walking down the street, on public transport, or at school.

Darron Tickle, crime reduction specialist for Greater Manchester Police, said: “As well as not flaunting new gifts, we would advise registering valuables for free at, as doing so increases the chances of lost or stolen items being returned.

“We are also urging people to download GPS-enabled applications (apps) on their smartphones and tablets, as the technology allows owners to track devices if they are lost or stolen and can be used to lock them or delete sensitive data remotely.”

Further information on downloading and using apps is available at