THEY'VE trekked the globe, been on missions to far-flung destinations like Africa and China, learnt how to scale great heights and survive in the wilderness.

And this week young people from across the borough have received their Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) certificates for their efforts.

The award is a national programme of adventurous, practical and cultural activities run at a bronze, silver or gold level to help young people learn new skills or gain recognition for activities they are already involved in.

Gold award winner Luke Sheppard, aged 18 and from Leigh, said: “The three years I have been involved with DofE have been really good. We have all learnt so much and the skills we have developed such as team-building and leadership will definitely help me in the future at university and in my career.”

For more information on the awards in the borough, email or call 01942 769813.