THERE is one born every minute but rarely in the back of the family car with granny as acting midwife.

However thanks to programmes such as Channel 4 show One Born Every Minute, Mildred Sephton was able to safely deliver her grandchild when her daughter’s waters broke on the way to hospital.

Debbie Lowe gave birth to Raya May at 6.35am on January 6 in the back of the family’s Peugeot.

Mildred said: “It all happened so quickly, it was very surreal. Damian, the baby’s father, was driving us to hospital and I knew that if Debbie’s waters broke that would be it and the baby would come.

“We were just driving up Plodder Lane in Bolton when Debbie said she could feel the head and she needed to push. I managed to get her leggings down and instinct told me to catch the head so the baby didn’t end up on the floor.

“I knew to check that the umbilical cord wasn’t around her neck because I am a bit addicted to television shows about births but then she started crying and I knew everything would be alright.

“I wanted to get Raya up on to Debbie’s tummy but that was quite difficult considering the space in the back of the car, but we managed it.

“I don’t really feel like I delivered her, I just made sure she didn’t fall on the floor, but when I got to hospital all the nurses were calling me midwife.

“I think me and Damian managed to stay so calm because Debbie was so calm. I’m so proud of her.”

Debbie, aged 37, of Priestfields in Leigh, had a feeling that her fourth child wouldn’t hang around but had little idea just how quickly little Raya May would enter the world.

She said: “My mum was great. She has never done anything like this before but watching One Born Every Minute gave her an idea.

“If she hadn’t she wouldn’t have had a clue about how to do things like make sure the umbilical cord wasn’t around the baby’s neck.

“She was on the phone the whole time to a paramedic while trying to help me get undressed so the baby didn’t get tangled. It was very dramatic.”

Raya and Debbie, who also has two other daughters, Emily and Alice, and son Max, are now home safe and well after their chaotic ordeal.