TWO men attacked and kidnapped another man after cannabis plants they had forced him to grow were stolen in a burglary.

Samson Aluko and Ryan Daltry, both from Tyldesley, were among those who persuaded Stephen Milson by threats and financial inducements to cultivate the illegal crop, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

A bedroom at his Tyldesley home was used to grow cannabis plants but on June 25 last year Mr Milson and his girlfriend returned to find burglars had stolen the plants.

The following day Mr Milson answered a knock at the door and Aluko, a talented boxer, immediately punched him knocking him out, said Gerald Jones, prosecuting.

"When he came round Aluko was standing over him and demanding money for the missing plants. His girlfriend saw Aluko kick and punch him a number of times and he picked up a dog lead and struck Mr Milson with it."

Aluko, who was accompanied by Daltry, bundled Mr Milson into their car where Aluko said: "I'm going to kill you but first I'm going to take your eyeball out and you won't be found."

The victim managed to get away and run to a nearby pharmacy covered in blood and in obvious fear when the car stopped in Atherton.

He was taken to the hospital but fortunately his injuries were not too serious and involved cuts, grazes and swelling, said Mr Jones.

The defendants returned to his home and told Mr Milson’s girlfriend: "You are going to have a nice scar down your face."

Aluko, aged 24 of Westmorland Road and Daltry, aged 21 of Wardley Road later surrendered at a police station.

They pleaded guilty to wounding and kidnapping and Aluko was jailed for three years and four months while Daltry received two and a half years today, Friday.

Sentencing them Judge Andrew Hatton said: “I accept that Daltry had not physically attacked Mr Milson but he had been there lending his support and had helped bundle him into the car.”