FIREFIGHTERS are passing on their expertise to teach year six pupils life-saving techniques.

Stations across the borough have been accredited as Heartstart Centres by the British Heart Foundation after 50 firefighters were trained by Trauma Technicians - who a provide casualty care at emergency incidents - from Atherton and Hindley.

Children at Sacred Heart Primary School in Atherton were visited on January 21 and taught basic life support on mannequins, funded by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and Wigan Public Health.

Crew Manager Dave Farrington said: "The children were really attentive and enjoyed the practical side of things. We taught them Heartstart, what to do if someone was choking and about the recovery position.

"Hopefully, learning the life-saving techniques when they are young will mean they remember the skills should they ever need to use them in a real emergency."

At the end of the Heartstart training the children receive a BHF certificate.