ANDY Burnham asked the Government to incorporate the proposal for a train station in Lowton into its phase two plans for HS2.

He argues that the M6 and the A580 are full and the current plans for HS2 do not address the transport problems in the region.

He said: "I strongly believe that HS2 represents the best opportunity that the Government will have to correct this unsustainable situation and fully support the proposal developed by Transport for Greater Manchester and Transport for Leigh to add a new, purpose-built interchange to the plans at the point where HS2 crosses the East Lancashire Road.

"HS2 will succeed in building public support if, rather than cutting journey times between places that are already well-served, it opens up rail travel to more people than currently use the rail network on a regular basis."

Many residents oppose the TfL plan for a station, arguing that it will cause huge disruption when easier options are available.