A CONTROVERSIAL housing application has been ‘pushed through’ according to angry residents.

More than 80 complaints were received about a Wainhomes planning application to build 63 houses on a site just off Thames Avenue in Leigh.

Residents have raised issues with Wigan Council about the flood risk on the land and access problems that have seen two previous planning applications rejected.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “We only had three minutes at the planning meeting to raise our concerns and it feels like the council just didn’t listen. The application has been pushed through while our concerns have been brushed aside.”

The land has been deemed safe from flooding by a Wainhomes survey which has moved the risk area and change in the law now means only one exit is required, solving the access issue.

Wigan Council assistant director of planning and transport, Mike Worden, said: "The planning application was dealt with in accordance with the council's adopted policies and processes including those concerning the publicising of the application when it was submitted.

“It was considered by Planning Committee on January 21 during which a member of the public and the applicant had equal time to address the committee and set out clearly their respective cases.

“Members of the Committee took account of these, the points made in the residents’ written objections and the information in the officers’ report in their consideration. The members also asked a number of questions of the officers before coming to their decision.

“The Committee was informed that neither the Environment Agency, nor United Utilities, had objections to the proposal on flood risk grounds and the Highways Officers had no concerns about the development in terms of the impact on the highway network.”