AS a mum to four girls, time is of the essence to Kerry Kellett.

Kerry, of South Avenue in Leigh, can usually be found running around after teenage daughters Chantelle and Robyn, and 10-year-old Ellisha, while taking nine-year-old Amy - who has a congenital heart condition - to hospital appointments.

But it hasn’t stopped the selfless 34-year-old from dedicating her spare time to helping homeless people in Leigh.

She started by handing out food and drink to the homeless after seeing just how many people are currently living on the streets.

Eight weeks on and her volunteer base has grown and she has helped countless people with nowhere else to go.

Kerry said: “It just seems like there are more people living on the street than ever before and if everyone gave a little it would make a huge difference.

“I just started by going out on my own because I wanted to give whatever I could and then others started to get involved and it has just grown.”

Kerry holds soup kitchens at the Pentecostal Church in Leigh on Mondays and Fridays from 7pm until 9pm and has been researching places and programmes that people can go to for help.

“After a soup kitchen we held a short while ago I came back without my hat, scarf, gloves and socks because I was coming home but the people I gave them to have nowhere and nothing.

“We need people who can give up their time to help man the soup kitchen, even if it is just half an hour one night a week, and for people to donate items like old clothes, a jar of coffee or a pop-up tent.

“I always say homelessness is just a loaf of bread away and if it happened to me, I would want to know there was somewhere I could go for help.”

To find out more, email Kerry on