MOTORISTS can expect further delays as more preparatory work is carried out on the guided busway in Leigh town centre.

The main work will begin this spring but temporary traffic management measures are being put in place as Transport for Greater Manchester begins to widen and create new bus lanes.

A spokesman for TfGM said: “The scheme will enable more people to enjoy faster, more punctual and more reliable bus services from a wider area across Greater Manchester, to and from Manchester and through the heart of the city centre.”

A new crossroads junction will be created, joining Spinning Jenny Way, Chapel Street, Queen Street and Princess Street which will have pedestrian and cyclist crossing facilities.

The old junction of Spinning Jenny Way, Chapel Street and Lord Street South will be closed.

Spinning Jenny Way will be widened to create bus lanes between the bus station and the guided busway terminus and new bus stops will be installed outside Tesco and opposite Lidl.

The Arches car park will be increased in size and the whole area will benefit from tree planting to improve the environment.

Improvements for cyclists and pedestrians will be added along Lord Street from its junction with Leigh Road to Princess Street.

The spokesman said: “During these works it will be necessary to close some traffic lanes on Spinning Jenny Way and Chapel Street and use temporary signals to control traffic flows.

“Traffic will still be able to use these roads in both directions, however some disruption and delays are to be expected.”

There will also be roadworks on Lord Street, Lord Street South, Princess Street, Brown Street, Brown Street South and Queen Street.

Roadworks due to be carried out next week -

• The traffic lights at the junction of Spinning Jenny Way, Chapel Street and Lord Street South will continue to operate in three stages and the lane closures will remain in place while the new gas mains and electricity cables are installed. The temporary lights will be needed for the next two weeks and some lane closures may still be in place for the next three weeks.

• The works on Brown Street South should be completed next week and all footpaths reopened.

• A new water main will have been installed in Queen Street by the end of next week and this road should be operating normally and the parking bays will be accessible by the following week.

• There will be further works to the water mains in Brown Street but traffic will still be able to use this road in both directions.

• New gas mains and electricity cables will be installed in Princess Street, between Queen Street and Lord Street South. The parking bays on the west side of Princess Street will need to be suspended for approximately two weeks.

• British Telecom will start to divert their over and underground cables next week and will be working in Brown Street, Chapel Street and Spinning Jenny Way for approximately four weeks.

Roadworks due to be carried out in late February/early March -

• There will be road works on Lord Street South around the junction with Princess Street, which will require temporary traffic lights for approximately one week. Traffic will still be able to use these roads but there may be some disruption and delays are to be expected.

• Brown Street will be closed between Queen Street and Gas Street for approximately one week. The exact dates for these weeks will be confirmed in the next newsletter.