A BROTHER'S selfless act has given a lifeline to a mother whose kidneys were failing.

When mum-of-one Kelly Rushorth was told three years ago that one of her kidneys wasn't working and the function of her other one was declining, her younger brother Daniel, aged 34, stepped up to offer her an irreplaceable gift.

Unwilling to put her on dialysis and risk the function of Kelly's working kidney, the family were told that it was only a matter of time before she would need a kidney transplant.

Daniel, of Fell Street, Leigh, said: "The whole family rallied round when we found out and four of us turned out to be matches. I wanted to donate my kidney though because we had always been very close and there is only just over a year between us in age.

"I've done pretty much everything I wanted to in life, I've had my kids and I wanted to give her a chance too.

"It was just a waiting game from when we were told to when the transplant took place but I just wanted to help give Kelly that lifeline so that she can have a normal life.

"Kelly had a very difficult pregnancy and suffered with pre-eclampsia which I think is what contributed to her kidneys failing but the operation went really well.

"Kelly has to go to hospital three times a week to make sure her body doesn't reject the kidney but we have been told it is taking really well.

"Everyone has been so supportive, it has really surprised me how many people have come to support us.

"I'm off work now for 12 weeks as my job involves a lot of heavy lifting and to be honest I am bored but I'll be okay."

The operation took place on February 4 at Liverpool Hospital and both patients were discharged last week and are both recovering at home surrounded by their families and friends.

Kelly, aged 36, who also lives on Fell Street and used to work as a carer at an old people's home, said: "I am so lucky because I had lots of family willing to donate a kidney but I am very grateful to Daniel for offering.

"I am a bit tired but doing okay at the moment and I just want to thank him for what he has done."