A LEIGH director is ‘fed up’ that little is being done to tackle the anti-social behaviour which has besieged his company.

Frank Jamieson, from Leigh Glass in Wigan Road, said telephone lines were cut and paving stones outside ripped up in the space of a few days.

He believes that not enough is being done to tackle the problem which has blighted the neighbourhood for years.

“I am so fed up that nothing is being done about it,” he said.

“The council say it is not their responsibility to sort out the paving stones as it isn’t their land but they laid them and come and repair them every so often.

“The paving stones were always in quite a bad state and now people are falling over and tripping up as they walk past. It is not safe.”

Last month the Journal reported that Greater Manchester Police and Wigan Council had been granted powers in December to disperse groups of two or more young people in the area ‘who are involved in, or are likely to be involved in, anti-social behaviour’.

Mr Jamieson added: “There is a council CCTV camera about 50 yards down the street from us but after our telephone wires were cut last Friday, the police said they was nothing on the camera and they have not sent anyone round yet.”

Wigan Council said the path where the paving stones were vandalised is an unadopted area and they have no responsibility to fix the problem, while issues with anti-social behaviour should be raised with police.

Sgt Melanie Roberts, from the Atherton Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “A CCTV camera was placed on Wigan Road, focusing on the shops in particular, to capture incidents of anti-social behaviour and to help identify offenders.

“Officers have patrolled the area at key times, and since the order started there has been a marked reduction in anti-social behaviour, resulting in the camera being removed from the Wigan Road area and placed in another hotspot.

“Some of the paving slabs outside the Leigh Glass premises were removed around three years ago, and the council was informed of this. We also investigated the incident where the telephone lines were cut, but unfortunately there were no witnesses, and the CCTV camera was removed from Wigan Road just before it happened.

“People should report all incidents by calling police on 101, or by contacting the Atherton NPT direct on 0161 856 7225.”