BUSWAY services will be routed to call at both ends of Atherton town centre, it has been revealed.

The new town centre route has been embraced as giving 'the best possible access to the centre' by Atherton councillor Mark Aldred, who serves as vice chairman of the Transport for Greater Manchester committee.

TfGM and Wigan Council will write to Atherton residents and businesses with a map of the new route and further information this month.

Clr Aldred said: "Looking at the new route for the busway through Atherton, you can really get a feel for the benefits the service will have for residents and businesses.

"When the service launches next year it will give direct access to shopping and jobs right across the centre."

Busway services will travel from Tyldesley Road along Market Street with a drop-off bus stop in the heart of the shopping centre.

Services will continue along Market Street before turning right up Wigan Road and on to Mealhouse Lane.

Passengers will still be able to board and alight the buses at existing stops on Bag Lane and Mealhouse Lane.

The route has been finalised following discussions with residents, town centre businesses, councillors and bus operators.

"There will be a reliable, high quality bus service at least every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday, which will provide opportunities to improve access to jobs, leisure and retail destinations," added Clr Aldred.