A WOMAN accused of deliberately pushing a 76-year-old woman downstairs causing serious injuries has denied the allegations.

Anne Jones told a jury that she did not push Ruby Ganley and had not even seen or heard her fall down the steps.

The incident happened in Peake Fitness Social Club in Leigh on March 10 last year and Mrs Ganley suffered a broken wrist and shoulder.

Jones, aged 46, told the jury that when she arrived at the premises Mrs Ganley said: "You are Wigan scumbags and only eat pies in Wigan." When Mrs Ganley began shouting at her she told her "to leave it alone love and grow up."

She said they both ended up in the toilet at the same time and claimed Mrs Ganley said she should not be in the premises as she did not come from around there.

"She grabbed the back of my hair. I turned around and said, 'just leave it'. There is no way I pushed her down some stairs, no way.” Jones told the jury.

"I used to be a carer for 15 years. I'm not being blamed for something I have not done.

"I put my hand on her shoulder and told her to get off me, it wasn't done with force. She let go and I went back to the bar and finished my pint off. I asked the barman if he would serve me another pint and he refused."

She claimed that when she left the premises Mrs Ganley was sitting at the bar and she told Jones to get out.

Jones, of Castle Street, Tyldesley, left the premises with the man and was arrested and interviewed the next day.

Cross-examined by Miss Hertzog, Jones denied that she had been drunk and said she had just had two strong lagers before arriving at the club and just one pint while there.

She maintained she had not pushed Mrs Ganley but admitted there were discrepancies between her police interviews and her evidence in court and while giving evidence but pointed out that the incident had happened 17 months ago.

Miss Hertzog suggested that she kept changing her evidence to try to cover her tracks. "Yes but.." replied Jones.

The case continues.