IT is now easier to find out the dirtiest takeaways and restaurants in your area.

Wigan Council has digitalised its food ratings list so learning how your favourite eatery has fared in its most recent food hygiene inspection can be checked in just a few clicks.

The council inspectors hand out ratings from zero - which indicates an establishment is in need of urgent improvement - to five for businesses considered to be very good.

While most eateries scored well in the hygiene ratings with the majority getting four or five stars, several eateries received a low rating of one.

Mr Pizza in Leigh was marked down for ‘risks of cross contamination not controlled during storage, handling and preparation of food, inadequate hand washing and poor temperature control of food’.

Hot Chix in Spinning Gate was inspected in February and it was noted that there was some ‘cleaning issues’ along with ‘inadequate temperature control of food, control of cross contamination and an issue with stock rotation’, while at Luigi’s in Golborne inspectors said ‘cross contamination between cooked and raw foods’ was not adequately controlled and there were ‘inadequate hand washing arrangements’.

Alan Blundell, assistant director for regulation at Wigan Council, said: “We work closely with all the food establishments in Wigan Borough to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are met and maintained.

“If an establishment is given a low score we work with the owners to address the issues and advise them about the steps they need to take to improve their score. Our food hygiene officers visit premises on a regular basis to monitor progress and to ensure standards are maintained or where necessary, improved.”

The national scheme provides consumers with information about hygiene standards in food premises and is not a reflection of the food quality.

The following establishments have all received a rating of one in the past six months, meaning major improvement is necessary:

  • Cherry Tree Cafe, 31 Derby Street Atherton (September 2013)
  • Eastern Revive, 106 Newton Road, Lowton (October 2013) (premises revisited in January and significant improvements made, further visit planned made to monitor and rerate)
  • Fleu Catering, Leigh (September 2013)
  • Hot Chix, Spinning Gate (February 2014) (Further visits planned to monitor progress)
  • Luigi’s, 57 High Street Golborne (November 2013) (Further visits planned to monitor progress)
  • Mr Pizza, 57 Chapel Street Leigh (January 2014) (Revisit planned to monitor progress)
  • Tyldesley Tandoori, 163 Elliot Street Tyldesley (October 2013) (Premises revisited in December and some matters had been addressed but further improvements required to be made. Revisited premises March 2014 to conduct food hygiene inspection and rerate premise.)

*Figures correct as of March 13, according to the Wigan Council and Food Standards Agency websites.

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