A TRAGIC story has provided the inspiration for a school’s GCSE play.

Year 11 pupils from Fred Longworth High School performed their GCSE drama piece Newlove which is based on the murder of man after he confronted a gang of youths who were vandalising his car.

School Based Police Officer, PC Andy Wright, invited the victim’s wife Baroness Helen Newlove, a member of the UK House of Lords and Champion for Safer Communities, to watch.

It was the first time that she has seen a drama production where the cast play the roles of herself and her family members as it explores their feelings and the impact that Garry's death in 2007 has had.

Baroness Newlove said: “It was such an outstanding performance and was so emotional. I especially appreciate how the script focussed on the impact on victims.”

She was accompanied by Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester, Tony Lloyd, for the March 21 performance.

He said: “Last week’s performance was extremely moving. The courage that Baroness Newlove has shown in talking so openly about the tragic circumstances surrounding her husband’s death is remarkable.

"By involving young people in the community through the arts in this way, we can help to highlight the dangers of crime and ensure that people are encouraged to play a positive role within society.”

Baroness Newlove was appointed as Victims’ Commissioner of England and Wales in March 2013 and her role is to promote the interests of victims and witnesses and encourage good practice in their treatment.

The Year 11 students who performed their GCSE piece are Georgina Davison, Taylor Quine, Thomas Egerton, Bethany Martin and Melanie Cunliffe.