A COUPLE who met at school have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Brenda and Harold Simpkin married at St John the Evangelist church, which used to be on Gordon Street, Leigh, on March 27, 1954.

Harold, aged 80, and 81-year-old Brenda have three daughters, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Their youngest daughter Michelle Simpkin said: "Mum and dad first met at school when they both attended Westleigh Secondary Modern though it definitely wasn't love at first sight as my dad was in a class below mum so he wasn't on her radar.

"They then met again in Hindley Green Labour Club circa 1953 when mum was about 21 and dad 20. They married 18 months later."

Harold was born in Doncaster but moved to Laxley Crescent when he was six years old. He moved out when he married but returned to look after his father. He and Brenda still live in the house that Harold grew up in.

Brenda started working at what is now Westleigh High School as a part-time cleaner after having her last child before being promoted to caretaker, a job she had until she retired.

Harold began his working life down the pit at Plank Lane and then became a steel fixer, often working all over the country, and was away from the family for months at a time.

Michelle said: "They believe the secret is to be tolerant and forgiving."