A MILKMAN has lodged a formal complaint after one of his employees was allegedly threatened with pepper spray by police officers.

Paul Cartmell says he was shocked when 20-year-old Sam Quayle returned from his round and told him that while walking to his milk float with empty bottles, he was approached by two officers.

Mr Quayle claims they swore at him and told him to get on the ground or they would pepper spray him.

He says he pointed out the empty bottles, but was told to put them down before getting on the ground.

"I couldn't believe it when I heard what had happened," said Mr Cartmell.

"They spoke to him in an appalling way before making him lie on the soaking wet ground. I have been delivering milk in Tyldesley since 1982 and have built a name for myself, I don't want the police to have ruined that.

"When they realised they were mistaken after calling for back up, all they did was tell him he had fitted the description of someone they were looking for.

"He didn't get an apology or anything. The poor lad is quite quiet and was really shaken by it at the time."

Mr Cartmell has lodged an official complaint with the police for the way Mr Quayle was treated at around 3.30am on Friday, April 4, on Peel Lane Avenue, Tyldesley.

"I can't see how they didn't realise he was a milkman.

"I was contacted by an inspector on Friday but since then I have heard nothing from them," he added.

A police spokesman confirmed that they had received a complaint and that it had been passed to the Standards Board but could not comment further at this time.