Each month we follow the efforts of a small group of volunteers who are thinking big to make a difference with a £1m grant from Big Local

IMPROVING the quality of local housing is one of the main priorities of the Leigh Neighbours Project.

The community-driven venture aims, over the course of the next 10 years, to address a range of social and economic issues in an area of Leigh West.

Members of Leigh Neighbours Project Board hosted a national event where delegates from local authorities, housing associations and from other Big Local areas across the UK met to share ideas on how communities can work in partnership to tackle poor quality housing.

They discussed issues such as the condition of private-let properties, the enforced upkeep of housing and the availability of community green spaces.

Susan Gredecki, joint chairman of Leigh Neighbours Project Board, said: "From our own experiences in Leigh West, we know that the quality of some privately owned and rented housing is a concern for many residents.

"Our vision is to create an area in Leigh West where people aspire to live and where residents are proud to live.

"It's a vision shared by many communities that face similar social and economic challenges."