THOUSANDS of children found out today, Wednesday, which primary school they will be attending in September.

For the first time this year, parents will find out on the same day whether their children will be attending their first, second or third choice of school.

Many children across the UK are expected to miss out in their preferred choice while some will be allocated a place at a school they did not choose.

In the Wigan borough, of the 3,739 applications for primary school places - up from 3,670 last year - 90.77 per cent or 3,394 children will have got their first choice.

Of the remaining children, 5.32 per cent were offered their second choice, 1.82 per cent their third and 2.09 per cent were allocated a place at a school that was not one of their choices.

  • Has your child been offered a place at their preferred school? If not, how will it affect you? If you are happy to speak to us about your child's school place, please email