A POOR road surface is forcing drivers to slow right down to avoid damage to their cars.

One driver has complained of having to slow down to 10mph, when driving at the junction of Morley Street and Hamilton Street, in Atherton, due to the poor quality of the road surface.

Elaine Snape believes it should be prioritised by Wigan Council in light of an announcement from transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin that more funding will be provided to councils to fix potholes and other dangers facing drivers.

Mrs Snape said: “It is in an extremely bad state, so much so that I now slow my vehicle down to 10mph to avoid damage to my car when I frequently use the road.

“It’s not the speed that is the problem because it is right near a school and there are speed humps all the way along it anyway – I’m more worried about my car.

“The road has been in that state since the heavy snow of last year and I am sure residents in that area must also see it as a complete eyesore outside of their front doors.

“After hearing national news reporting that councils are being provided funding for pothole repairs, I think this area should be top priority on the repair list.”

The council admits that the road is in a bad state, but that it is due to be repaired in the summer.

Wigan Council assistant director of infrastructure, Mark Tilley, said: “I can confirm that the red speed table on Hamilton Street, Atherton, at the junction with Morley Street has been identified as a defective area that needs attention.

“It is included on the 2014/15 list of schemes for carriageway machine resurfacing during the summer of 2014.

“In the meantime, the council will continue to carry out scheduled highway safety inspections to deal with any situations that meet the criteria for repair.”

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