A YOUNG woman was seen by shocked passers-by to repeatedly slap her baby son across the face and then drop him onto the pavement, a court heard today, Thursday.

Fortunately the seven-month-old infant did not suffer any serious injuries in the incident but his mother, Marta Morova, appeared in court admitting child cruelty.

The 20-year-old Slovak was due for sentence but after hearing that she has learning difficulties and has nowhere to live a judge further remanded her in custody until May 1 for more inquiries to be made.

Harry Pepper, prosecuting told Liverpool Crown Court: “On the morning of March 11, Morova was seen carrying the crying baby, Kamil Morova in Bradshawgate, Leigh where she slapped him twice across the left cheek with her open palm.

“She took a few steps and then slapped him forcefully two more times which increased his crying. The baby was then seen to fall to the floor and she was seen to pick him up."

Witnesses alerted the police and she was detained and the infant taken to hospital where he underwent CT and MRI scans. He had suffered reddening to the face but no serious injury, said Mr Pepper.

When Morova, of Gordon Street, Leigh, who does not speak English, was quizzed with the aid of an interpreter, she said: "He fell from my grip because I only had hold of him with my left arm and he was wriggling and I lost my grip."

Rebecca Smith, defending, said that Morova came to this country last October with her son. She had spent her life in care in her homeland and wants to return to those carers with her son.

"She had lost her temper and knew that her behaviour had been wrong and she regretted it," said Miss Smith.

"She clearly needs guidance and help."