YOUR council needs you.

That’s the message from Wigan Council chief executive Donna Hall who is urging people to vote in next month’s local elections following the recent negative publicity surrounding the behaviour of some councillors.

The local elections take place on May 22 but residents need to register to vote by May 6.

She said: “It is the politicians who decide the direction of the council and the politicians who take all the key decisions.

“By voting the public can directly influence what the council does and how the borough is run.

“The unacceptable behaviour of a few of our councillors has attracted a lot of negative publicity for the council and a lot of the feedback we’ve been getting from the public has been asking why we can’t just get rid of these individuals “But that’s not how the system works. It’s the voters who get to pick who represents them. You need to hold your councillor responsible through the ballot box for their behaviour when casting your vote.”

One third of Wigan Council’s 75 seats are up for grabs and a seat will be contested in every ward. Ms Hall added: “If you’re not registered to vote, you lose your right to have your say. It’s vitally important people register.”

To register visit and print off a registration form.

You can also register at ter-to-vote.aspx. To check if you’re already registered call 01942 827168.