A TODDLER born with a rare neurological condition and skin disorder has inspired a building firm to name homes after her.

Twelve homes have been named after three-year-old Matilda Callaghan, who suffers from Sturge Weber, which causes learning difficulties, paralysis and seizures.

Staff at Prospect Homes decided to do something to raise awareness of Sturge Weber after hearing about Matilda through her father.

Paul Callaghan, aged 46, works for John Reilly Civil Engineering which is working on The Maine Place development being built by Prospect Homes at Manchester City’s former Maine Road stadium.

John Pearson, construction director of Prospect Homes, said: “Because of the site’s history all of the other house types at The Maine Place are named after famous Manchester City players, but the Matilda house type enjoys an extra special honour.

“The Matilda is proving to be a very popular house type and Prospect Homes will be building it at various future developments, so I’m pleased to say that we are sure to be making many more donations.”

A donation of £200 will be given to Sturge Weber Foundation UK each time a Matilda home is sold — eight have been bought so far meaning the charity has already been given a £1,600 boost.

The youngster also has various related conditions including epilepsy, glaucoma, hemiplegia, visual impairment and a port wine stain which covers most of face and many areas of her body.

She has been through more than 25 operations, including a heart reconstruction.

Mr Callaghan, who lives with his wife and Matilda’s mum Rebecca, aged 42, in Leigh, said: “Matilda is doing amazingly well, she is brilliant.

“She makes everybody so happy, when she laughs she chirps everybody up.

“We are hoping naming homes Matilda will raise awareness of Sturge Weber.

“I think it is already raising awareness as people have been asking how Matilda fits in with the homes named after players on the site.”

Jenny Denham, of Sturge Weber Foundation UK, said: “On behalf of the charity I would like to thank Prospect Homes for naming the houses after Matilda and raising awareness of Sturge Weber syndrome and funds for our charity.”