A YOUNG schoolgirl overcame her shyness to hold a special bake sale.

Demi-Leigh Marsh has only been a pupil at Atherton St George’s Primary since February, after she was moved from her former school because her lack of confidence meant she was struggling to thrive.

But after discovering her grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer, the 10-year-old plucked up the courage to write to her head teacher to ask if she could hold a fundraising event for Cancer Research UK.

Demi-Leigh’s mum Lyndsey, of Car Bank Street, Atherton, said: “We moved Demi-Leigh because she was struggling and never had any confidence.

“Since she has been there, she has totally changed – she is a different little girl.

“She had just found out that her nanna has been diagnosed with melanoma and it hit her quite hard.

“She wanted to show her that she could do something herself to try to help.”

With the help of school friends Abby Whitaker and Georgina Dudley, Demi-Leigh baked more than 90 cupcakes and raised £45 for the charity.

“The school posted about Demi-Leigh’s efforts on its website and it was picked up by Taurus Cranes, which offered to match what Demi-Leigh had raised,” Lyndsey added.

“Then a kind lady got in touch and brought the total up to £100.

Everyone is so proud of her.

“She would never have had the confidence to stand up and do something like this before she moved schools.