SPORTING a tattoo of Glazebury Cricket Club on his back and arm is a source of pride for Andy Calvert after 17 years of playing for the team.

But it was a battle of emotions for the 25-year-old when his tattoo was covered up by a Rylands Cricket Club shirt on Sunday.

The cricket-mad dad-of-two has signed to Rylands in Warrington for the new season after 17 years of loyal service to his beloved Glazebury Cricket Club.

The two teams faced each other for the first time this season since Andy joined Rylands.

Andy said: “I imagined it would be quite strange playing against Glazebury after many years on the other side but I was very excited to take them on.

“Glazebury's captain Jack Warhurst sees my move up town to the Warrington rivals as cheating on the village club after all these years but I'm sure he'll forgive me.”

Andy, who captained Glazebury Cricket Club for two years, decided to join Rylands after moving house with his partner Nicole Munday and two children, Evie, aged six months, and Charlie, aged two, to Warrington.

His love for Glazebury started when he joined the team aged nine and it grew to such heights that he was willing to put a permanent reminder of his love for the team on his body.

“I got the tattoos when I was on a lads holiday in Turkey in 2007 and then again in 2010,” Andy said.

“There is a lot of loyalty at Glazebury Cricket Club so I expected a lot of hostility when I got to the wicket but we were able to enjoy a pint after the game.”