A GROUP of Atherton students have proved they are streets ahead when it comes to dancing.

Despite having to dance to music they had never heard before, four students at the Micheala Humphreys School of Dance, based at Victoria Mill in Atherton, battled to come second in their first competition, the North West Street Dance Championships.

Mia Taylor, aged 11, 15-year-old Bethany Wright, Charlotte Heywood-Fagan and Megan Cleary-McCarthy, both aged 14, only entered the competition a week before it took place but their determination saw them wow the judges.

Owner of the school Micheala Humphreys said: “It is one of the biggest street dance competitions in the country and we just decided at the last minute that we would enter it and see what happened.

“I am so proud of how well they have done, especially as when we got there we were told that they had to dance to a set playlist instead of the music they had practised too.

“Apparently its standard practice but in the rush of us entering they had forgotten to send out the email with the playlist on it to us.

“It threw the girls a bit at first because they had never danced to the music before and they didn’t know the order but they dealt with it really well.”