A MARRIED teacher — found in a pupil’s bedroom by her mother — has admitted a catalogue of sexual activity with a schoolgirl.

Shamed Andrew Welsh, aged 35, a teacher at a Bolton school, started a relationship with a Year 11 girl after she sought his advice because she believed she suffered from depression.

The relationship came to an end when the teenager’s mother caught Welsh in the bedroom of her home.

The pupil, who cannot be named for legal reasons, received support for several months by Welsh at school before the pair became involved in a relationship.

Bolton Crown Court heard Welsh’s career was over following his arrest. He now works selling windows after he struggled to find another job.

Welsh confessed to the abuse, which included sexual intercourse twice, kissing, cuddling and touching over three months.

Nicola Gatto, defending Welsh, said: “He genuinely appeared to be very taken with this young woman and she with him. It appeared their relationship was of genuine affection.”

The court heard Welsh had artwork by the pupil on his walls at his family home in High Bank, Atherton, and paid her £100 for the work to “boost her own ability”.

The abuse took place at Welsh’s home, the girl’s home and in a car in a Sainsbury’s car park.

The girl was said to have consented to the relationship.

Ms Gatto said: “He has been teaching all of his working life. He had an exemplary record and has lost his career. He will never be able to return to teaching again. He has had to take up employment selling windows — he has been unable to find any more appropriate employment.

“He is a married man. Obviously his wife knows about these matters. His wife is a general practitioner and they have a young child. She has stated that she gives him her full support and decided she wishes to remain in the relationship. Due to her work commitments he is the primary carer for her little boy.”

Welsh had worked at the school for seven years and he was the assistant head of year 10.

He admitted six counts of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust.

Judge Elliot Knopf said: “All sentencing options will be kept open for me.”

He added Welsh will be placed on a barred persons list preventing him from working with children.

Welsh will be sentenced at Bolton Crown Court on June 19.

He was granted bail on the conditions he reports to police each week, does not contact the victim or her family and remains living at his address.