THE latest case of illegal rubbish dumping near to a school entrance has put flytippers on the most wanted list.

Parents at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School in Sutton are disgusted at the selfish attitude of the people responsible.

One mother told the Star: “It’s dangerous and unsightly and it is hard to explain to young children why it is being dropped there when you are as a parent encouraging them to get into the habit of recycling our household rubbish.”

School head Mrs Shelagh Malley was shocked when she arrived in Monastery Lane at 7am on Monday morning to find a van load of assorted rubbish including motorcycle seats, plastic scooter body parts and rubble had been tipped near to the old railway bridge and just yards from the driveway to school.

“Dumping here does happen regularly but this is the worst it has ever been,” said Mrs Malley.

“We regularly see bricks and rubble dumped there and a couple of weeks ago a load of beer cans and crates were left there.” She said the dumping usually happened at weekends and presumably during the hours of darkness.

The school has also been targeted by thieves who have stolen fencing panels from its perimeter.

A spokesman for St Helens Council said: “Technically, removal of this rubbish would be the responsibility of the landowner. But in an effort to move things along as quickly as possible, the council has stepped in to organise clearance. As well as trying to trace where the waste material came from, we are also in touch with the landowner and will be asking them to secure the boundary at this particular point on Monastery Lane – through which the flytippers gained access to the land.”

Anyone with information on who is responsible should contact the school on 01744 671909.