A STAR of BBC Radio 6 returned to his hometown for a bit of a chinwag about being northern.

Shaun Keaveny, presenter of the breakfast show, spent Saturday night at Leigh Library where he shared his thoughts on being from up north.

He was joined by actress Maxine Peake for his contribution to WLCT’s Words Festival.

“I wasn’t sure about how it was going to pan out and having my nearest and dearest there really upped the anti – and literally my aunty was there,” he told the Journal.

“We needed a draw and someone that would sell tickets that people outside my extended family would actually be interested in seeing and Maxine is a spectacular and interesting woman.”

The night, entitled North West Gas, saw the pair explore all things northern and discuss the ups and downs of living in the south.

Shaun said: “I feel a bit displaced really because I’ve been living in the south or a southern area for 16 or 17 years.

“It’s quite hard sometimes because you still approach life as if you’re a northerner but I get a lot of pleasure – and work - out of it. I’m one of those professional northerners and it is a bit of a gift really.

“Leigh was still a mining town when I was little and I had cousins who were miners but when you say that to people in casual conversation at a dinner party in the south east they look at you like you’re a Dickensian throwback.

“I love coming back. I get myself out to the Tommy Burke, the Boar’s Head or the White Lion, have a few pints and catch up on what I’ve missed.

“I always take my kids up to the Flash and have a romp around there and I still love going up to Lilford Park and exploring the mini forest in our wellies on.”

Listen to our interview with Shaun below.