THOUSANDS of people will vote on Thursday at polling stations across the borough.

As far as Wigan Council elections are concerned here is why party leaders think you should vote for their candidates.

Labour leader Lord Peter Smith said: “Labour is the only party offering a comprehensive real deal for Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley. We have delivered a zero increase in Council Tax and will promise to do so again next year.

“Despite huge cuts we have found money to deliver what people asked us to do. We have taken on apprentices. We have invested over £4m into community groups.

“Labour will continue to fight for local health care and are working to make sure there will be enough affordable homes and to provide extra care for older people.

“Labour Councillors believe in Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley and will work to make life better.”

Liberal Democrat Leader Clr Paul Valentine said: “It is easy for councillors to stand up once a year and say they will listen to residents. I have spoken to many in the street, on the phone, on Facebook, Twitter, email and even in writing. I never try to enforce my view.

“It is easy for councillors to appear at meetings and say they have been involved. I believe councillors should put residents first. That is why I am proud of my record of speaking for Tyldesley at every council meeting, while the Labour representative stays silent.

“Only a vote for Liberal Democrats will make the Council listen to Tyldesley.”

Clr Gary Wilkes, who heads the Wigan Independent Network, said: "Win councillors are providing a real alternative to big party politicians, Win councillors are free to vote in the chamber for the best Interests of their constituents.

“Win is currently the official opposition to Labour in Wigan and Leigh and Win believes in putting people before politics and will always put their needs before the party’s.

“Win is addressing the best interests of our local communities providing a real opposition to Labour’s monopoly of power."

Conservative Clr James Grundy said: “The Conservatives want a better deal and greater recognition for Leigh.

The Wigan crest on streets signs put noses out of joint in the Leigh area. These and the Parkside development and HS2 project are all issues and we’ve been listening to local people’s concerns about them.

“Local elections are about local issues. We’ve been able to hold council tax down and the number of senior managers in the authority has been cut from 75 to 25. We’re looking to find better ways to spend the money we’ve already got.”