WHEN Louise Hopwood started knitting tiny clothes, she had no idea how many premature babies she would help.

After being inundated with donations of wool, the 27-year-old has been knitting away to make tiny outfits for maternity wards around the world.

Now Louise and husband Chris, who lost their twins daughters Peggy and Pearl when they were born prematurely in January, want to raise £20,000 for the bereavement suite at Wigan Maternity Unit.

“When we were in that situation I realised I was in a hospital and not at home,” Louise said.

“I’ve seen other suites online and they look like bedrooms, they almost feel like home. For many people that is the little precious time they have with their babies and I know I would have much rather taken my daughters home.

“If the room was nicer I may not have felt like that.”

Louise and 28-year-old Chris, of Runfield Close, Leigh, want to provide the hospital with new equipment and help to redecorate the room.

“I phoned the midwife and asked her permission and she was thrilled,” Louise said.

“I have had so many requests for clothes from all over the world, I have sent them to America and Canada and have started making candles and other mementos for people too.”

Louise, along with her mum and aunt, started knitting the clothes because the maternity ward did not have any small enough for the twins who were born at 21 weeks, weighing less than one pound each.

Louise and Chris will be organising fundraising events in the coming months to help them reach their target, including raffles and running the Manchester 10k.

n To make a donation visit gofundme.com/8e4wl0.