A MUCH loved Tyldesley shop has closed its doors for the final time.

Nicks Basics, a family-run store that has been at the centre of the community in Elliott Street for 30 years, shut up shop on Saturday.

Owner Nick Rees believes that big supermarkets and chain bargain stores are to blame for its closure.

“It’s really sad, all week our loyal customers have been coming in to tell us how upset they are. It’s been quite a difficult week,” he said.

“In the last few years a lot of bargain shops have opened and that has really affected us.

“We have tried to compete but we can’t beat their prices and we have tried selling other things but the supermarkets sell everything. It was a really hard decision but we can’t keep going anymore.”

Nick, aged 44, inherited the shop from his parents who opened 30 years ago at the other end of Elliott Street.

“We’re really a community service. We help wherever we can,” he said.

“There are a few pensioners that can’t get to the shops so we drop things off for them and others who don’t have the best mobility and can’t get of town need us here.

“Yvonne Brown has worked for us for 20 odd years and it’s incredibly sad that we have had to let her go. She has been a very loyal staff member.

“Tyldesley has changed since we moved here 30 years ago.

“There used to be butchers, green grocers, fish mongers and shoe shops. Now it is all takeaways and bookmakers.

“The supermarkets and bargain stores have sucked the life out of the place and I feel sorry for the people who live here.”