ROAD signs, broken glass and condoms are just some of the more recent articles that have been discovered in a Tyldesley park by a disgruntled parent.

Emma Gill has regularly visited Astley Street Park with her two children five-year-old Chloe and Luke, aged three, since she and her husband Lee moved to the area in January last year.

She says the park is always littered with broken glass and on her last visit at the weekend she found a road sign in the middle of the grass and a condom by a bench.

“There hasn't been one visit to the park when we haven’t come across broken glass,” said the 35-year-old.

“A few weeks ago our son actually picked up a piece of broken glass wondering what it was. Thankfully I wasn't far behind him and managed to take it from him before he cut himself.

“On Saturday there seemed to be glass all over the place. The grass was overgrown and there was litter everywhere.

“It is such as shame as the park has some great equipment on it for the kids and so much potential but at the moment it is a complete disgrace.”

WLCT, who manages the park on behalf of Wigan Council said they had not reduced the maintenance in the park.

A spokesman said: “There has been no reduction in the level maintenance of Astley Street Park over the past 18 months.

“However there are periods of time, such as during school holidays, when we do see an increase in litter on site and we do work hard to respond to this extra demand.”

They ask that if any dangerous materials such as broken glass are found it should be reported to the Greenspaces helpdesk on 01942 486999.