NOT even an untimely downpour could dampen the spirits of the schoolchildren who competed in this year’s Leigh Games.

Leigh Sports Village was full to the brim with excited primary pupils ready to have a go at a new sport or try to win a medal in a familiar one.

The opening ceremony saw each school complete a lap of the Leigh Harriers track with their school banners held high before the mayor officially opened the day and the games began.

Mayor of Wigan Clr Billy Rotherham told the Journal: “I think it’s admirable. The attitude of the children is fantastic.

“We may have a future Olympic Champion here today. The enthusiasm and keenness of the children and the support staff from the schools is great. It is a marvellous occasion.”

Basketball got under way first in an inflatable court in the car park which had been erected especially for the occasion, while others took part in lacrosse on the field.

Leigh Journal: Twelve Apostles take on Sacred Heart in the rugby tournament

Twelve Apostles take on Sacred Heart in the rugby tournament

Rugby and football tournaments kicked off on the other side of the village and pupils took to the track to sprint and jog their way to victory in 50m, 100m and 600m races.

The infants practised their agility on the inside track while younger pupils got to grips with golf and tennis in the sports hall.

Swimming races also took place throughout the day in the sports centre. Everyone had a go at the vortex howler – the health and safety version of javelin – and the standing long jump throughout the day.

Two groups were given crash courses in Animalates, a form of Pilates for children, and cheerleading and showed of what they had learnt as part of the closing ceremony.

Last but not least, Lowton High School’s Otto, Phoenix and Blue from Wigan Athletic and Mikey from Animalates finished the day with a mascot’s race, won by Phoenix.

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Leigh Journal: The opening ceremony

The opening ceremony

The results:

  • Year one and two infant agility competition ONE: 1st, Tyldesley Primary; 2nd Bickershaw Primary; 3rd, Christ Church
  • Year one and two infant agility competition TWO: 1st, St Joseph’s, 2nd, St Gabriel’s; 3rd, Our Lady Immaculate
  • Year one and two Animalates: 1st, St Peter’s Leigh; 2nd, St George’s Central; 3rd, St John’s
  • Year three and four cheerleading: 1st, Sacred Heart Atherton; 2nd, Lowton West; 3rd, Sacred Heart Leigh
  • Year three and four Tri-Golf: 1st, St Stephen’s; 2nd, Garrett Hall; 3rd, St Joseph’s
  • Year three and four tennis: 1st, RL Hughes team 1; 2nd, RL Hughes team 2; 3rd, Lowton West
  • Year three and four QuadKids: 1st, RL Hughes; 2nd, Tyldesley; 3rd, Gilded Hollins
  • Year four and five POP lacrosse: 1st, St Stephen’s, 2nd, Bickershaw team 1; 3rd, Bickershaw team 2
  • Year five boys football: 1st, St Thomas Ashton; 2nd, Garrett Hall, 3rd, St Aidan’s
  • Year five girls football: 1st, Golborne Community; 2nd, Sacred Heart Leigh; 3rd, Lowton West /St Stephen’s
  • Year five and six basketball: 1st, St Wilfrid’s Ashton; 2nd, Lowton West; 3rd, St George’s Central
  • Year five and six swimming:  1st, St Wilfrid’s Ashton; 2nd, Garrett Hall; 3rd, Tyldesley Primary
  • Year five and six QuadKids: 1st, St Thomas Ashton; 2nd, RL Hughes; 3rd, Newton Westpark
  • Year six contact rugby: 1st, Sacred Heart Leigh; 2nd, Twelve Apostles; 3rd, Leigh CE Juniors