A FAMILY have organised a charity event to thank the hospice that granted their granddad’s dying wish.

Joseph Brian Jolley, of Bettison Avenue, Leigh, was told shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer in October that there was no treatment available for him and he only had between four and six months to live.

His last two wishes were to go on a family holiday and to live out his final days at home - and Wigan and Leigh Hospice helped both of these happen.

His granddaughter Leanne Jolley said: “Granddad started to give up even though all the family tried to pull him together.

“He decided he wanted to go on a last holiday with all his family and he booked for us to travel to Benidorm.

“But weeks before Granddad was told by professionals that they didn't think he would be strong enough to travel.

“The whole family was upset and disappointed that he might not make it but the hospice helped to get him a wheelchair and other aids for around the house.”

Joseph made it on his last holiday - a tradition the 75-year-old had treated his family to since 1995 - accompanied by 36 relatives.

“We had a fantastic time and that holiday holds special memories for all of us,” said Leanne.

“Once we returned granddad started to deteriorate and on May 19 he collapsed at home, we were told that it looked like the end.

“With the help of the hospital and hospice granddad came home and passed away in my nan's arms on May 23.

“Granddad was the heart of the family - the boss - and if it wasn't for the hospice he would not have had his dying wish.”

The charity event is on July 11 at 7.30pm at Bedford Liberal Club.

Tickets are £2 and include a hot pot supper and there will be an artist, disco, raffle and an auction.