THERE have been some new arrivals at Gilded Hollins Primary School.

Pupils at the Leigh school have learnt all about how to hatch and look after ducklings by hatching some of their own.

They hatched two ducklings called Cecil and Waddle from eggs donated by Clr James Grundy thanks to Conlon Opticians who donated an incubator to the school.

Mary Jane Greenhalgh, from the opticians, said: "We are delighted that the school have hatched two ducklings so far and it was great to see the children holding them so confidently and learning all about how they hatch out and how to care for them.

“At Conlons Opticians we really enjoy supporting the local community and look forward to hearing how the ducklings get on and are delighted that music teacher at Gilded Hollins is going to adopt them."