A MAJOR roll-out of LED lighting is currently underway in the borough.

The ‘highly efficient and environmentally-friendly’ lights are to be fitted in streets throughout the borough that could save the council up to £1 million a year.

By fitting 31,000 street lights to be fitted in the next three years the council hopes to slash its energy costs while still providing lighting to the public.

Lord Peter Smith, leader of Wigan Council, said: “Wigan Council is always looking to do things more efficiently and for less cost to local people as part of The Deal.

“LED lighting fits into this approach. I know some councils are switching lights off to save money but I don't think that's something people would want in the borough.

“We’ve instead come up with a new scheme to replace our existing lights with LEDs which will still offer the same service the public expects but will be considerably cheaper.

“These lights are highly efficient and environmentally-friendly. LED lights last for an amazing amount of time, use less energy and need much less maintenance.

“The lights are all in keeping with British standards and offer excellent levels of lighting for the public. This LED scheme is a win all around and I’m pleased to see our plans progressing.”

More than 5,500 LED lights have been installed in the borough already as part of the scheme which is costing £11 million.

Once complete the council believes it would save up to £1 million a year as energy costs will be cut by almost 60 per cent and maintenance bills will also be reduced.