IT has been an uncertain few months for Wild Wings Birds of Prey Education and Rehabilitation Centre.

But it is hoped their luck is returning to the right flight path with plans taking shape for the centre to relocate to a new plot of land in Culcheth.

Director and co-owner Carole Rose said: “Paul Taylor from Taylor Business Park has offered us a fabulous piece of land and if we can raise the funding, we can offer so much more in the way of rescue, rehabilitation and education.

“We propose to have an indoor flying area as well so that we can train, rehabilitate and offer flying displays all year round.

“Funding will be crucial to the survival of the centre and we are hoping to encourage businesses to support us in this.”

The past few months have proved difficult for the team at Wild Wings, who were not only asked to vacate their current site at Bents Garden Centre, but also had their van stolen with £3,000 worth of equipment on July 5.

Carol said: “We were only 30ft away when it was stolen so we couldn’t believe it. This was a huge loss to us and we are still trying to find a replacement vehicle to allow us to attend rescues and continue with all the outside events.”

But the public support has been a huge help to the team with Central Van Hire offering their services during this time.

The team, who regularly rescue birds of prey and bring them back to health, is hoping this support will not waver and they have since launched an appeal to find people to help raise £70,000, provide labour and material to build the new aviary.

She added: “The future of the centre is the most important thing to us to protect these vulnerable and beautiful birds, we will do everything we can to raise the funding required but we don't have long to raise the amount we need so any support will be very welcome.”

Until the new aviary is completed, the centre will remain at Bents Garden Centre until the end of the year.

The centre will be holding activity sessions throughout the summer holidays where visitors can meet reptiles, exotic birds and even a racoon.