PLANS are being made to boost the number of new homes for people to buy and to rent in the borough.

The latest figures show that fewer than 4,000 new homes are being completed every year in Greater Manchester instead of the 9,000 to 10,000 needed by the region’s growing population.

The shortfall means growing pressure on existing supplies, a shortage of homes for younger families, challenges to regeneration and the requirement for a higher number of quality private rented homes.

Wigan Council, along with the other nine local authorities in Greater Manchester, is considering setting up a new organisation called TopCo which could negotiate long term funding with the government, Europe and other agencies.

Pooled investments and pension funds could be approached, as well as wealth funds and major institutions.

Deputy leader of Wigan Council, Clr David Molyneux said: “We want to provide the highest standard of housing to our residents and the regional plan looks to do just that.

“It aims to provide suitable accommodation for the people of Wigan who need it most.

“We understand that new developments are a sensitive subject for some residents of the borough but ensuring that our residents have access to the living conditions that they deserve and need is of great importance to us.

“We want to assure all residents that this plan is an effective way of providing appropriate housing in the borough – whether that’s rented homes, affordable homes or homes to buy.”

The plan will be considered by Greater Manchester combined authority on August 29 after which Wigan Council will take the appropriate steps to ensure that the plan is implemented appropriately.

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