A NEW 279-home development with a doctors, pharmacy, restaurant, shops and a children’s nursery could soon be coming to Tyldesley.

Outline plans to convert a scrap metal site on Mosley Common Road into a community hub have been submitted to Wigan Council.

The Parr Bridge Works site's owners Maxilead Metals Ltd says it is planning to relocate to a purpose-built metal and waste recycling facility elsewhere in the borough in a move that would safeguard more than 40 jobs.

A decision on the proposed Parr Bridge Farm development, which also includes a coffee shop, is expected on July 3.

A neighbour consultation period is now under way which will last until April 6.

Paul Tunstall, director of JWPC town planners, who submitted the application, said: “The proposed development comes at a time when the Government is urging councils to significantly boost the number of new homes being built.

"It gives Mosley Common Road a new centre – something many consultees felt was lacking in the area – and the new life centre and children’s nursery give people the services they need on their doorstep.

"Maxilead Metals Ltd is a family-run business that is very well established in the area, and it has realised that its current location is no longer ideal.

"We are delighted to have been able to help it propose a solution which is good for both the business and residents.”

The Parr Bridge Works site has been recycling metal for more than 20 years.

Maxilead Metals Ltd says planning approval given to other housing developments nearby – a 244-home Redrow project on the Garratt Hall estate and a 36-home Eccleston development at St John’s Gardens – has left it with no choice but to relocate.

Company chairman Peter Clay said: “The new development proposals are very exciting, however Maxilead would not be looking to relocate if the up and coming developments surrounding the business had not been given planning permission.

"Mosley Common has been an ideal location to build our business to what it is today. However the future here at Parr Bridge has been cast into doubt because of the new homes that are being constructed less than 20 metres away from the entrance to our yard.

“New homes are good for the area but there are bound to be complaints about noise and traffic from future residents and families, and though we operate well within the limits set by our environmental permit you cannot recycle metal without making noise.”

Speaking about the proposed new development on social media, residents have raised concerns over traffic congestion and road safety, as well as a loss of open space.

Many believed a new school would be built at the site.

Lynsey Speakman said: "While the extra facilities may be welcomed, the additional traffic is going to be a nightmare as the roads through the village are already clogged from as early as 6am now.

"And no school, with three new housing estates going up on the same road and the local schools already full? Absolute madness."

Mosley Common in Bloom vice-chair Louise Cook added: “We would prefer that no green land would ever be used for building in an ideal world.

“We are appreciative that it is a local business offering to provide some services not in the area at the moment that are needed, such as a doctors.

“We all know that the traffic is going to increase though."

Astley Mosley Common councillor Joanne Platt said: "From the conversations I have had the community are divided with their opinions about the development.

"It encroaches greenbelt land and there will be more traffic, but some think it will be a good thing for the area, especially with the retail side of the development."

Maxilead Metals Ltd says the outline plans for the development and its impending new business location are the result of months of consultation with Wigan Council and residents.

It would not reveal where it is planning to relocate to, only saying it is a 'designated industrial zone' with 'a purpose-built 6.5-acre site with emphasis on meeting latest requirements in regards to environmental, noise, efficiency and legislation'.

It added that the move will 'safeguard the jobs of more than 40 employees'.

Cllr Platt said: "If any residents have concerns about the new plans they should contact the council with their thoughts."

To give your views on the proposed development contact Cllr Platt on 01942 487672 or via e-mail at joanne.platt@wigan.gov.uk.