PRIME Minister Theresa May has called a snap general election on June 8 and needs two thirds of MPs to approve her plan.

She said Britain needed certainty, stability and strong leadership following the EU referendum.

There will be a vote in Parliament today, Wednesday, to bring the 2020 election forward.

Atherton Conservative MP Chris Green has welcomed the move while Leigh Labour MP Andy Burnham is firmly against it.

Mr Green, who believes the 'world is a different place' following the last general election in 2015, said: "We need a new election and to allow the Government of the day to obtain a new mandate and manifesto for this changed world.

"I am really pleased Theresa May is giving this to the country and I look forward to the vote in the House of Commons.

"It will give opposition the chance to support the country and set out their stall.

"I am confident I will retain my seat but you can never take the electorate for granted.

"I am hoping the work I have done over the past two years in the whole of the constituency will be remembered when people make their votes."

Mr Burnham, who is the favourite to become the first elected mayor of Greater Manchester next month and give up his seat in Parliament, tweeted: "Tory Party puts its own interests before the national interest."

Leigh UKIP party chairman Jayson Lomax-Hargreaves said: "UKIP has a large, effective local branch with only ourselves and Labour having a Leigh-only constituency branch.

"We aim to give Labour a good run for its money in this area and we will campaign strongly on local issues such as protecting the green belt.

"A vote for UKIP also keeps the pressure on the Government to give us a clear Brexit, which is what the voters in the Leigh area voted for."