A GYM member has transformed his body to lose six stone in seven months and lead a much healthier lifestyle. 

Steve Johnson addressed his diet of fried breakfasts and chip shop lunches in December before signing up to Leigh Leisure Centre in the new year to shed the pounds.

The 59-year-old weighed 18 stone 6lbs with a BMI of 37, a fat percentage index of 47 and was having treatment for high blood pressure as well as experiencing stomach problems and being 'on the verge' of diabetes.

Steve, from Leigh, said: "I was stuck in a rut.

"I was feeling depressed but felt comfort with my fried breakfasts, trips to the chippy and afternoons in the pub."

"Six days before Christmas on a cold, dark evening I was sat at home having a talk to myself and thinking ‘why am I unhappy?’ and ‘why am I not enjoying life?’ 

"I came to the conclusion that it was my lifestyle."

Steve stopped his frequent visits to the pub and put himself on a new diet plan cutting out the high-calories meals he had become accustomed too.

He decided to join Leigh Leisure Centre to continue his healthy progress, and despite walking out of an induction twice, he now exercises there at least three times a week.

Steve added: "I pushed myself to go and confront my fears of being looked at and people laughing at me at the gym.

"I was worried I would not fit in.

"Once I increased my fitness levels and made new friends at the gym, my fears had completely disappeared.

"If I missed a day at the gym, I really started to miss it and could not wait to get back in there.

"I feel great about myself now and I'm hooked on my new lifestyle."

Steve now weighs 12 stone 6lbs with a BMI of 24, a fat percentage index of 23 with no blood pressure or stomach issues and no risk of diabetes.

His waist size has also dropped from 44 inches to 32.

He says the staff at Leigh Leisure Centre have been very supportive during his journey with a special mention for Gus O'Donnell who has provided him with exercise programmes and advice to fulfil his fitness goals.

The centre is based at Leigh Sports Village.