A TATTOO shop owner has turned his attention to ink of a different kind to pen his first book about a notorious football hooligan.

Mark Cain, of Manchester Road, Leigh, has become an author following a chance meeting with Craig Reed, a diehard Manchester City fan who has been jailed three times and banned from football stadiums across the country following a spate of brawls with rival supporters.

Mark, who owns Cut Throat Tattoo Studio, said: “Craig came into the shop for a tattoo last year and told me he had pieces of paper he had written on when he was in jail and was looking to get a book published so he could explain to people that there is more to him than being a hooligan.

“I have always been interested in writing and completed a course in Manchester, which I really enjoyed.

"So I thought I would give it a go and I am really proud of the book."

The 46-year-old's biography Reedy: Fighting My Demons explores the reasons for Craig, 35, turning to a life of football violence.

He became a football hooligan at the age of 14 and fought rival fans at home and abroad while supporting Manchester City and England.

But Mark said: "I wanted to avoid glamorising the violence that Craig has been a part of in his life and look at why he started doing it.

“He told me about how he had a very difficult childhood and was beaten by his mother before he ended up getting caught up in football hooliganism from the age of 14.

"He has since attempted to take his own life several times and has had drug and alcohol problems.

"The book details the fascinating life Craig has led.

"And writing it has taught me that you cannot judge someone until you know what has happened in their lives and why they are like they are."

Mark enjoyed writing the book and hopes it turns out to be the first of many.

He said: “In my profession as a tattoo shop owner a lot of customers like to chat to me about their lives.

"I would love the chance to tell someone else’s story or even write a fiction book in the future.”

Reedy: Fighting My Demons is available to buy in hardback at Mark’s tattoo shop on Warrington Road in Leigh and at http://ebay.eu/2xgadwL.