TRAVELLERS who set up camp at a crematorium on Monday afternoon have been forced to move this morning, Friday.

An order had been issued by Wigan Council to move the group at Howe Bridge Crematorium on Thursday morning but Atherleigh Cllr Pamela Stewart MBE said police were called away to an emergency and could not complete the action.

It is the second time in two months travellers have parked caravans and vehicles on the land.

Cllr Stewart MBE said: "Bailiffs and police have moved travellers this morning.

"With my ward colleagues, we are making the case to install the right fencing to ensure this abhorrent situation is not replayed again in a few weeks."

It is expected metal knee-high fencing will be installed before Monday November 13.

A spokesman for the council said: "Our cleansing teams are on site and we are looking at what temporary measures we can install immediately to prevent further access before permanent measures are put in."