PLANS to relocate build more than 150 homes on the site of a metal scrapyard are set to approved in a council meeting on Tuesday.

Maxilead Limited's Parr Bridge Works have submitted proposals to move from its Parr Bridge Works base in Tyldesley to land north of Chanters Industrial Estate Atherton.

As well as 154 homes, the outline planning application for the Mosley Common Road development, called Parr Bridge Farm, includes building three restaurants or cafes, three shops, one nursery, a health centre and a gym.

The scrap metal company's proposed new site is expected to cause less disruption to neighbours and give it more potential to grow.

The report said: "The business has performed strongly in recent years, and is in a position to compete for and win large scale contracts, including one recently awarded by Network Rail.

"Given that many of Maxilead's competitors are growing continuously, the applicant has presented a case that if a relocation cannot be secured then the business will become less competitive over time and its continued operation would be uncertain."

There were three letters of objection as well as two supporting the application.

The letters of objection include "no need for further house building, the impacts on highway and pedestrian safety, the loss of green belt land with no special circumstances to justify the plans, and no demand for the facilities proposed."

It was also disputed that there is a lack of infrastructure to support the proposal and it will have an impact on residents' external house spaces.

The letters of support "welcome the new development and claim it will boost the economic prospects of the area."

In response to the increased traffic in the area, the report said: "The increased vehicle movements will not have a significant impact on the highway network that would suggest that the application should be refused."

The planning committee will approve the two applications subject to being carried out in conjunction with each other as well as adhering to various development conditions.

The Secretary of State will also be consulted to check if he wants to "call-in" the move.